Christmas Display 2022

Was SO good to be back to our Christmas Display after 3 years. The pupils did so well and had a great time backstage, it felt ”a lot like Christmas”

Well done to each and every one, and thank you to our audience for being so supportive.

Huge thank you to my amazing teachers, trainee teachers and helpers for all their hard work. …

Here are some photos from backstage. Lx

Second Generation Dancers

I have SO many 2nd generation pupils, which makes me SO proud, it means that the mum’s enjoyed there experiences in the dance school so much that they wanted their kids to have the same experencies. Makes me feel I am doing something positive.

This Mum and daughter are special because Mum was a member at the very first class venue in the Dolphin Arts Centre in Bridgeton which started in 1982, and now her daughter attends our Easterhouse class.