Exams and Shows

Each year the pupils age 3+ have the opportunity to enter BATD dance exams. For each exam they gain a medal and certificate. 

No child is pressured to sit exams if they do not wish, however it is a really good incentive to work towards and to allow the pupils and parents to see the progress being made throughout the levels. Most children do wish to enter.

We have an end of session display in December. This is performed in class uniform and therefore costs the pupils nothing. Again no child is obliged to take part but they are great fun and usually Santa makes an appearance!

We also have our main end of session show in June. All dancers are encouraged to take part in the end of year Summer Production.

These are staged in fantastic locations giving children the thrill of dancing on stage at venues like Platform Theatre, Glasgow and Motherwell Theatre.

All costumes for these performances are hired to the pupils, not sold, to keep the cost to a minimum.