Dance Styles Explained

Freestyle Dance is a popular style that involves many diverse steps and movements with lots of arm and hand actions. Dancers perform runs, kicks, leaps and spins to music that can be fast and rhythmic or slow and expressive. It is performed to current music choices and allows dancers of all ages to use freedom of expression to enhance their style. 

Tap Dance is an amazing style that develops rhythm in a dancer, and within the dance school we aim to keep it current and fun.

Modern Dance incorporates many genres, it can be slow, controlled and graceful, or fast and powerful. Often has roots in Musical Theatre

Cheerleading dance with strong dynamic moves, and pom poms used to accentuate the stylised lines. No acrobatics are taught within this style and we work towards the BATD Dance Cheer Pom Syllabus

Adult Dancefit fun dance based fitness class. A mix of dance styles and dance music. This class is fun, varied and suitable for all ages and level’s of fitness. Lynn is a qualified fitness professional and has devised this program to be inclusive for all. 

Dance Teacher Training intensive courses offered to dance teachers looking to increase their current level of qualification or add other dance styles. Also available to advanced dancers ready to progress to a teaching qualification with the BATD. These courses prepare the candidate to a level necessary to enter professional BATD exams and gain a teaching qualification.